Ruijia Cheng

"Regina" 程瑞加

Hi, this is Regina! I'm a researcher in human-computer interaction (HCI) and social computing. I'm currently a PhD candidate in the Human Centered Design & Engineering (HCDE) department at University of Washington (UW), advised by Dr. Benjamin Mako Hill and Dr. Jennifer Turns and also closely working with Dr. Sayamindu Dasgupta. I am part of the Community Data Science Collective research group. Before joining UW, I was a member of the Design Lab at University of California, San Diego (UCSD).

As a researcher, my most recent work is centered on this overarching question: how can we support people to effectively work with data through participatory, creative, and collaborative ways? To explore this question, I wear three different hats: I do interviews and online ethnography to generate frameworks about people’s practices and needs around working with data and engaging in online participatory learning activities; I do data sciency work to test my frameworks and relevant theories in a large scale; I design user scenarios and systems to evaluate implications from empirical work. I have studied dynamics and user participation in various online communities, including Scratch, Kaggle, Reddit, and fanfiction communities. More generally, I’m interested in research about data literacies, visual languages, human-data interaction, creativity support, and human-AI collaboration.

During my free time, I can most likely be found creating digital fanarts and, most recently, 3D models. I also like reading, cooking, hiking, practicing martial arts, watching figure skating, and researching the evolution and history of languages around the world, especially the Wu variety of Chinese (or rather, its own language, but that's a longer conversation).



Super excited to start my fall internship at Dataminr as a PhD intern in HCI/AI! I will be working on a project about human-AI collaboration in NLP with Dr. Alison Renner, Dr. Ke Zhang, and many other awesome researchers. Come back for more updates!


Organized the "Imagining Future Design of Tools for Youth Data Literacies" workshop in the 2021 Connected Learning Summit! Check out this blog post for a full documentation of what we did during the event and our takeaways!


This spring, I had the honor to work as a intern with Dr. Jonathan Grudin at Microsoft to explore novel user scenarios for a new K-12 online search technology!


Received a Master of Science degree in Human Centered Design & Engineering!


Passed general exams! My general exams focus on online community-based informal learning, design-based research, constructionism, and data literacy. Now I am a PhD candidate!