How to pronounce my name?

My name is Ruijia, promounced as "R-oo-ee J-ee-uh" and written as 瑞加 in Chinese. Little story about my name: "瑞" means auspicious, also in memory of my grandfather's name, who passed away a few months before I was born; "加" means Canada (My mom went to Canada for a long bussiness trip when she was pregnant with me). I like my nickname "Regina" because it sounds like "Ruijia" :D

Where am I from?

I am from Hangzhou, China, which, in my arrogant opinion, is the most beautiful city in the world (the second most should be... debating between San Diego and Seattle)! Check out this YouTube video about Hangzhou!

What do I like?

I like cats, especially Maine Coons. Besides domestic cats, I also like other felines in general.

I like to play Hapkido. Though unfortunately I couldn't find Hapkido clubs in Seattle. Therefore I am picking up Judo instead.

I like to study the history aspect of Chinese dialects. I speak the Hangzhou dialect (a branch of the dialect Wu) at home.

I like reading books, watching anime, cooking, manual and digital drawing, creating fan art, hiking, ginger soda and chips in vinegar and sea salt flavor.