Graduate Research Projects

Distributed Mentoring in online fanfiction communities (2018-present)

Feedback-seeking in online fanfiction communities

I am currently working with professor Cecilia Aragon, professor Gary Hsieh and (my awesome peer mentor!) John Frens to explore feedback exchange happening in online fanfiction communities. We are studying to understand how fanfiction authors learn to effectively ask for feedback, and how socio-emotional factors affect this learning process. We hope to apply our findings about individual and community factors that facilitate fanfiction authors' feedback-seeking to a better design of feedback exchange systems in other online critique and learning communities. Check back for updates of our findings!

Sentiment classification on fanfiction reviews

I worked with professor Cecilia Aragon and a group of hard-working master and undergraduate students on this project. We qualitatively coded 3500+ fanfiction reviews collected from into sentiment-related categories. We did this to prepare training and testing datasets for ALOE, an affect classifier for informal texts developed by the Human-centered Data Science Lab. We are currently running ALOE on our coded fanfiction reviews and check back for the upcoming results!

Undergraduate Research Projects

Problem framing in online distributed design team (2016-2018)

In this project I worked with Prof. Steven Dow at UCSD Protolab (part of UCSD Design Lab) and (remotely!) with Dr. Joel Chan at CMU HCII (now Prof. Joel Chan at UMD ischool!). We studied how to incorporate experts’ knowledge to improve problem framing in distributed collaborative design. In order to find a systematic way to select effective frames in distributed online design platforms, we collected opinions on frames from experts with different knowledge bases, and tested whether those opinions predict the effectiveness of frames by evaluating quality of resulting ideas generated from real users of our design platform. Check our working paper accepted by ACM Group 2018 conference for our findings! Paper

Data science communication through computational notebooks (2017)

In this project I worked with Prof. Jim Hollan and his Ph.D student Adam Rule (now Dr. Adam Rule!) at the Activity History group of UCSD Design Lab. We studied the narrative features among the Jupyter Notebooks using by the scientific data analysts community. We are also building Jupyter Notebook extensions to enhance communication on scienctific data analysis. The paper that I helped with just got accepted by CHI2018!

Extensions: Analysis software:

Data science education through computational notebooks (2017)

In this project I also worked with the Activity History team. We studied the usage of Jupyter Notebooks in a introductory data science class. We observed how instructors and students use Jupyter Notebooks for teaching/learning data science and summarized the "painful points" in this process. We are working on submitting our findings to CHI 2018 student research competition. We are also builidng Jupyter Notebook extensions to solve some problems we observed. Here is a extension I built to assist beginning learners clean up import packages, check back for more extensions!

Application of EEG neurofeedback on working memory defect treatment for schizophrenia (2016-2018)

This was my frist research experience! I worked with Prof. Jaime Pineda and Dr. Fiza Singh at the UCSD Cognitive Neuroscience lab on a project about EEG neurofeedback. We studied the effect of EEG-gamma neurofeedback on working memory in patients with schizophrenia. In this study I wrote MATLAB scripts to adapt a machine learning algorithm created by a collaborator in Spain to the data we collected from patients, which provided solid evidence to the effects of our neurofeedback! We are currently working on submitting a full paper for publication. Poster